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Cats: Facts at Your Fingertips (Pocket Eyewitness) by DK

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A true cat-alogue of more than 100 feline breeds and cross-breeds adorn the pages of this mini-encyclopedia, which packs a whole lot of information into your pocket!

Along with a photo of each breed, discover the facts and stats of each cat, including its size, where the breed originated, colours and markings, and unusual features or behaviours. You'll soon be able to tell apart a Burmese from a Siamese; a rex from a sphynx and a manx; and an American shorthair from a British shorthair. You will also discover a lot about colours and patterns. Did you know that tabby cats and tortoiseshells are not breeds, but colours within breeds? Plus there are pages introducing cat anatomy and behaviour; and the book finishes with fun facts.

The style of the Pocket Eyewitness series is perfect for all children, from reluctant readers who can easily digest the key points through to budding vets and cat-lovers of all shapes and sizes who want to know more about the best pets on the planet.