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The one-stop centre for your Personal Care Materials & Therapeutic Crafts needs! Essential oil, soap, candle making supplies & more....


Jacktus is a local Malaysian illustrator who loves the kopi and teh from our local kopitiam more than anywhere else....

Latest news

Recently we had a successful virtual event spear-headed by the Powerpreneur team where the students of Dwi Emas International stepped up to create amazing items that was auctioned off to help SHELTER - a home that gives at risk children a childhood and a future. These are their stories.
Shelter Story 5
Nelly Gender : FemaleAge : 15Child of SHELTER Community Refugee School Nelly has a record of 100% school attendance along with comments...
Shelter Story 4
Vidha Gender : FemaleAge : 15Child of Community Program Vidha thrives in her studies, no.7 in her class, with clear grit, tenacity,...
Shelter Story 3
Jay Gender : MaleAge : 12Resident of Shelter 3 (Teenage boys’ home from aged 13 – 17) Jay is one of the...
Shelter Story 2
Nadia Gender : FemaleAge : 13Child of Shelter 2 (Teenage girls’ home from aged 13 – 17) Nadia still struggles with self-esteem,...