Tsukineko StazOn Midi ink pad
Tsukineko StazOn Midi ink pad
Tsukineko StazOn Midi ink pad

*A revolutionary almighty ink pad that can be used for most materials, including materials that do not absorb ink.

*Japanese paper, vellum paper, cloth and unpainted wood will slightly smear.

* Please be careful when using slippery materials. If it fails on the non-absorbent side, it can be removed with the stays-on cleaner.

* After using the stamp, be sure to remove the ink with the stays-on cleaner as soon as possible, and wipe it off with water.

* Resin clear stamps (acrylic stamps) may deteriorate depending on the material, so we recommend that you test them in advance.

* Jet Black is an archival.

* Stays on Midi does not come with an inner lid (the outer lid can be securely dried to prevent drying out).

* Please remove oil etc. of material well before use.

* On non-absorbent surfaces, rubbing may cause a fall.

*Use : Plastic, metal, shrink plastic, rubber, leather, polymer clay, laminated paper, coated paper, plain paper, photograph, glass, pottery, terracotta, transparency (transparent sheet), painted surface.

*Drying time: 3 seconds (absorbing surface) to 5 minutes (non-absorbing surface)  Depends on material, climate and other conditions.


Tsukineko StazOn Midi ink pad

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