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Endangered Animals Postcard collection (Limited Edition)

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These are hand-drawn, crayon coloured prints of endangered animals created by our Year 6 students during Science. 

This limited edition postcard collection is sold in 2 sets of 9 and part of the proceeds from the sale will go towards saving these animals. Support these students in their movement to raise awareness about these animals and be a part of a community that creates change in the world.

These crayon drawings were for students to learn about endangered animals. But the greater lesson was for them to learn that they have a voice and there is value in their work, even from a young age. When children acknowledge and embrace that, they will be empowered to do so much more. 

Please select the Set/Sets that you would like to purchase: 

Collection Set 1

1. Saola by Chan Kendianne

2. Cowan's Mantella by Fong Chui Kwan

3. Araripe Manakin by Woo Wei Shun (Wilson)

4. Radiated Tortoise by Zahin Arif Bin Zainalabidin

5. Okapi by Kon E Vian

6.Black-chested spiny-tailed Iguana by Lim Jia Yee

7. Hyacinth Macaw by Ryan Wong Yung Hann

8.Vancouver Island Marmot by Choo Sinn Zhe, Princeton

9. Irrawaddy Dolphin by Chloe Low Mei Xuen


Collection Set 2

1. Cherry-throated Tanager by Krisha Aravindha

2. African Manatee by Jaryl Tan Kar Hei

3. Okapi by Kelson Lim Zhe Shu

4. Tamaraw by Eva Adriana Binti Muhammad Fuad Puan

5. Liberian Tree Hole Crab by Chin Zong Bin

6. Livingstone's Flying Fox by Eunice Cheung U E

7. Araripe Manakin by Wong Ee Hao (Carson)

8. Indian Pangolin by Thessvin A/L Prepageran

9. Vancouver Island Marmot by Lyndon Choo Yew Xian